Smart Real Time Continuous Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Sensor

University of Ljubljana, 
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Member of University of Ljubljana UL Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Code L2-7541(D)
Project Smart Real Time Continuous Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Sensor
Periode 1.3.2016 – 28.2.2019
Range of year 1,45 FTE
Head prof.dr. Trontelj Janez
Reserch activity Engineering and technology
Research organization Research organization

We intend to expose the important points related with the design and development of the noninvasive blood glucose monitoring medical device. The advent of a pain free noninvasive technology would improve the patient’s compliance for regular blood glucose monitoring. Subsequently the diabetic patient’s life will improve considerably. The feeble signals produced by the glucose molecules provide the main difficulty in its bioimpedance detection.
Bioimpedance measurement is gaining importance in wide field of bioresearch and biomedical systems due to its noninvasive nature. Noninvasive measurement method is very important to decrease infection and physical injuries which result due to invasive measurement. During the research activities proposed in this document we plan to evaluate the principle of bioimpedance spectroscopy with its realisation in sensor system array for blood glucose analysis based on frequency impedance measurement. We plan to develop a sensor on the basis of the proposed architecture where input from bioimpedance sensor will be amplified and processed with microcontroller.
During model and sensor development we have to focus also on the weak sensitivity, specificity and on the water molecular spectral overlapping related to the glucose molecules for the optimal advancement in this field. Moreover, the skin tissue based scattering, reflection pattern, transmittance plays the major role for the application of the noninvasive based bioimpedance spectroscopy techniques.
Some vital points like models and classification based on detected spectral features should be targeted and their optimal solution related issues will be identified and observed in the project goals.

Researchers Researchers
The phases of the project and their realization Design and fabrication of integrated circuit ASIC prototype for impedance spectra measurement Finished
Evaluation of system and measurements, redesign of integrated circuit ASIC if needed In work
Evaluation of prototype and measurements, final report
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Co-foundinf org.   L-Tek elektronika d.o.o, Šentjernej
 INO d.o.o., Brežice