About us

The main stream in Laboratory is development, design and test of Mix – signal integrated circuits with integrated sensors in CMOS technologies.

We research and develop:
  • Sensors and sensor systems for THz region
  • Sensors for detection of explosives and other hazardous substances
  • Micro-systems with magnetic, optical and capacitive sensors
  • Low-voltage and low-power integrated circuits
  • A/D and D/A converters
  • Switch-cap circuits
  • Current switching circuits
  • Continuous time filters and circuits
  • Integrated sensors of movement
  • Nonlinear processing of signals
  • etc
Research environment
  • 400m² clean rooms (class 10 and 100) for CMOS and BiCMOS circuits fabriaction
  • 1000m² of laboratory space including area for the integrated circuits design and test