Circuits at high frequencies


Lectures at this course will be from school year 2022/23 carried out under the Chair of Electronics and Laboratory for integrated circuits design.

Course contents (link to e-classroom)

The students will gain the knowledge about specific elements for high frequency circuits. Also the specific methods of measurement, analysis and synthesis of circuits for high frequencies are enlightened and explained. Students will learn basics of electromagnetic compatibility and basics of wireless communications.


  • Analysis, measurement and introduction to the synthesis of high-frequency circuits:
  • High-frequency circuits parameters measurement parameters.
  • Widgets circuits for high frequencies.
  • Design of passive and active circuits for high frequencies.
  • Basics of electromagnetic compatibility circuits
  • Basic concepts and definitions, disturbances elements for interference suppression and protection against interference.
  • Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Basic concepts of wireless communications
  • Introduction to antenna noise ambient noise receiver.
  • Basics dissemination of waves in real situations, wireless communications, mobile channel

The material for the lectures

The material for the lectures is fully accessible via the e-classroom.

Laboratory tutorials

Material for the tutorials and laboratory exercises

Material for the tutorials and laboratory work is fully accessible via the e-classroom.


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INTERMEDIATE Exams and results

Intermediate exams:

Results of Intermediate exams :


Professor: Prof. dr. Drago Strle

Assistant:  as. dr. Matevž Kunaver


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