In its work, the members of LMFE are faced with challenges and original solutions are part of everyday life in the exploration and varieties projects. Many solutions are derived from the experience gained in previous projects, but a solution that is innovative and state-of-the-art can be always find. Many of these solutions are integrated into projects and are not disclosed to the audience as they are under the protection of business secrets, while others appear as patents. Some patents published in recent years, invented by designers in LMFE are collected below, their descriptions can be found in international patent bases such as WPO and the EPO and the Slovenian Patent Office. Patents are presented in chronological sequence of filing.

TRONTELJ, Janez, ŠMID, Blaz. Und Verfahren zur Vorrichtung Krafterfassung: AT 512 463 B1 2015-02-15. [S. l.]: Österreichisches Petentamt, 2015. 19 pp., Ilustre. [COBISS.SI-ID 10943316]

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