Terahertz waves based metrology in extreme environments

University of Ljubljana, 
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Slovenian public research agency 
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Member of University of Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Code L2-9236
Project Terahertz waves based metrology in extreme environments
Periode 1.7.2018 – 30.6.2021
Range of year 1,34 FTE
Head prof.dr. Trontelj Janez
Reserch activity Engineering and technology
Research organization Research organisation

In the proposed project we aim to take THz technology to a new level of development. It is about operating in extreme conditions present during liquid steel casting (above 1000°C). Correct dosing of lubrication mould powder represents a problem which has yet to be solved. Several methods have been employed in the quest of a valid solution, including ultrasound methods, infrared light and other sensor systems, but all attempts have utterly failed. Currently the parameters of steel casting are set by an experienced operator who has to work in extremely severe conditions due to heat, dust and fogginess. Human errors are commonplace, there is a lot of rejections and steel quality is poor. The working hypothesis states that it is possible to measure the required parameters with THz technology. THz waves penetrate through the powder mist and the layer of lubrication powder and reach the surface of liquid steel in the mould. It will be possible to measure the thickness of powder as well as the level of steel during casting which is enough to automate this process. This would drastically improve quality and production efficiency.

The LMFE group is known worldwide to be one of the leading groups in the field of frequency modulated THz systems for THz imaging of hidden objects. The solution of the project’s goal will significantly increase the possibilities of employing THz systems in industrial processes. Therefore the proposed project has a wider importance for the development of the know-how and high technologies.

THz research in LMFE is conducted mainly in the field of continuous THz radiation and production of components with microelectronic technologies that allow an efficient serial production.

The project is conceived ambitiously. A prototype provided with measurements as a proof of concept is planned.

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THz sensor and sensor array improvement
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Industrial test of THz system
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